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Hello and welcome to Aram Schiffman Photography.

I never thought much about photography when I was growing up. It was for National Geographic types, artsy portrait shooters, or -- oh, man -- for family members. "Wait.... wait... smile....wait....". I was living life as a research scientist, then later, an engineer in biotechnology companies, still my primary job. Photography was not on my mind.

Meanwhile, my daughter was growing up. I bought a point-and-shoot film camera, and later, a digital one. My daughter started playing soccer. Like many parents, I held up my point-and-shoot and went click. Forever went by, and too late was an uninteresting, and usually out of focus shot. I researched digital single lens reflex cameras, and bought a Nikon D70 with a starter lens.

I was hooked.

As a lover of the outdoors, I expected most of my non-family shooting to be out in nature. Landscapes, flower close-ups, etc. I have had some great adventures! And my gear grew. I once lugged a Nikon D300 with a large 70-200mm lens and other gear up a mountainside in the Trinity Alps, 60 pounds of backpack on me, and loved it.

Then I discovered the fun of people photography. Learning from experts (in person and on internet forums), I started to build a business. Shot theater. Business events. Portraits. Personal events. The fun of capturing a candid moment, or creating a posed one. I believe that the gear, the lighting, the posing when shots are posed, all these important things are secondary to capturing the moment, the personalities. That's the fun of it.

People ask me, "do you shoot..." Weddings? Family portraits? Aerial photography? Go ahead and ask! The answer is generally, "yes." Enjoy the photos in my galleries. Comments are always welcome.